10.-12.10.2018: Summer School

Electronic Monitoring: The Impact of Tracking and Tracing on Individuals, Organizations, and Societies

Every day, by using our smartphones, notebooks, smart watches, navigations systems and public transportation, information about our activities and behaviour is gathered and processed for further purpose – often without our awareness. This digital transformation is not only occurring in our private lives: a multitude of novel applications and technologies are appearing on the market that have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of work.

Electronic monitoring (via tracing and tracing), which refers to the continuous gathering, examination, and/or recording of employee work-related data with technological assistance in real time, can be used to monitor worker behavior, performance, safety, and health. Little is known about the impact of these tracing and tracing technologies: What chances do the offer for making our working lives easier and smarter? What risks do they bear on individual, organizational and societal level?

Become a part of this year’s summer school from 10. to 12. October in Nürnberg and contribute to a better understanding of the impact of electronic monitoring at the workplace.

In an interdisciplinary approach, the goal of this Summer School is to develop perspectives for future research and ideas for an adequate design of electronic monitoring technologies. Diverse and innovative presentation techniques and interactive elements will be used to foster exchange about new and previously uncovered aspects in research, practically relevant topics and the dissemination of (first) results to practice.

Academics (PhD Students and Post-Docs) in sociology, law, economics, IT, and psychology are warmly invited to apply until May, 18th.

For further information and terms of submission see the Summer School Flyer and visit