Wettbewerb zum TAPAS Board von Siemens

TAPAS community challenge

Siemens and the Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) at FAU have launched a Europe-wide challenge. It addresses students, university employees as well as makers in general who are interested in software defined inverters and power electronics.

Get involved into the challenge and get your free tapas board here: Start your project with this brand new Siemens device! The TAPAS board is a 300 W open source, Raspberry Pi compatible inverter board – the muscle for your Raspberry Pi.

About the Challenge

  • Open for everyone (including students, employees, makers in general) interested in software defined inverters, power electronics, programming, …
  • Includes a free Tapas board from Siemens to realize the projects
  • Runs until 13.06.2018
  • Finalists presentation and award ceremony at FAU Erlangen on 27.07.2018

Participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas with Siemens‘ digital experts and receive a free TAPAS board. As a finalist they present the project to a top industrial and academic audience. The winner team will get a 5.000 Euro cash prize.

How to participate

  • Register at
  • Post and discuss your idea and get your TAPAS board for free
  • Realize your project, convince with your results until 13.06.18 and win a spot in the group of finalists

 The technology

Software Defined Inverters (SDIs) are the future of power converters. They achieve universality with a single, fixed piece of hardware where the overall functionality is defined via software (changes) only.  The GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology behind TAPAS allows for a high fidelity smooth output signal.

Facts about the TAPAS Board

  • ~300W @48V – GaN

    TAPAS Board

  • Light – 80 gram (200g incl. housing)
  • No heat sink / PCB convection cooling
  • High bandwidth (>300kHz switching frequency)
  • Smooth output (on-board filter)
  • Universal – can be used for robotics, motor drives, battery charging, DC/DC, AC/DC, audio, etc.
  • Open source – Raspberry PI compatible

More information

On the Challenge

On the TAPAS Board itself


Dominik Gedeon
CKI Manager