Fuel cells and electrolysers



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Students who participate in this course will become familiar with basic concepts of electrochemical engineering for fuel cells and electrolysers.
Students who successfully participate in this module on fuel cells and electrolysers…
• Can describe thermodynamics, kinetic effects and electrochemical foundations
• Understand limitations such as kinetic, ohmic or mass transport limitions
• Have a solid knowledge on the state of the art
• Know how to experimentally characterize cells
• Are able to deduce methods to improve cell technologies by analyzing experimental data

To succeed in this course, students will need to apply acquired knowledge from e.g. physical chemistry, mathematics and basic electrochemistry.
Understanding of kinetics to describe the time dependent concentration changes in chemical reactions should be familiar from physical chemistry classes. Basic knowledge in thermodynamics and general chemistry is beneficial.


Fuel cell (FC) and electrolysis cell (ECs) • Application areas • Thermodynamic boundary conditions • Electrochemical basics • Kinetics • Transport processes • State of the art • Characterisation techniques • Open questions and scientific challenges

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