Projekt Maschinelles Lernen und Datenanalytik



Zeit/Ort n.V.

  • Do 16:15-18:00, Raum 00.010 (außer vac) ICS

Master Studium Informatik

Kick-off seminar on first Thursday of each semester (WS 21/22 - 21.10.2021)

Depending on the topic knowledge from courses like PR, PA, DL, MLTS or CV including good Python programming skills are required.
Motivation to code and experiment


There will be a kick-off meeting the first Thursday 16:15-18:00 of each semester where topics in the field of machine learning and data analytics will be presented. Most topics will be related to the diverse research fields of the Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab. Students also have the possibility to discuss their own project ideas with the supervisors. Students can contact the corresponding supervisors of the presented topics to register. Please also have a look at our webpage for current student projects (https://www.mad.tf.fau.de/teaching/studenttheses/).

Zusätzliche Informationen

Schlagwörter: Master Projekt Project

www: https://www.mad.tf.fau.de/teaching/studenttheses/