German-French joint call on “Artificial Intelligence”

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German-French joint call on “Artificial Intelligence” within the framework of the collaboration between the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

With reference to the Aachen Treaty between Germany and France, this funding measure is intended to contribute to cooperation in the field of research and digital change, in particular in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The present call aims at supporting collaborative research on current challenges in AI and should address – without being limited to – one or more of the following topics:
• Distributed AI like, e.g., federated learning or edge computing
• Green AI that requires less resources, e.g., algorithms requiring less energy, less memory, less communication bandwidth
• Hybrid AI, e.g., combining machine learning and knowledge
• AI towards other sciences, e.g., AI & numerical simulations, AI & physics, AI & chemistry…
• Trustable AI, e.g., certifiable, explainable, or interpretable models and processing pipelines
• AI for leading edge technologies, e.g., dialog systems for media

Proposals should relate – without being limited – to one or more of the following application domains:
• Mobility & Transport
• Logistics & Services
• Energy (in particular renewable energy)
• Environment and Resource Protection
• Smart Industry & Production Technologies
• Smart Health
• Robotics
• Society
Applications with focus on military use are excluded from this funding measure.

2 project types
– Type 1: “Research Collaboration” – Academic – 4 year project – amount from 300k€ up to 400k€.
– Type 2 “Research & Development” – Academic + Industry partners – 3 year project – amount from 600k€ up to 800k€.

The project proposal must:
– Be submitted by research consortia composed of both one French coordinator and one German coordinator, who will each be the contact point for the respective national funding agency.
– Be submitted as one proposal per bilateral consortium
– Be composed of a document (project description, 15 pages maximum), complemented by an annex presenting the short CVs of the national project leaders and of the key researchers involved (max. 1 page per partner).

– CFP period: 23 October – 21 December 2020 (13:00 CET)
– Results: end of March 2021
– Start of the project: July 1st, 2021

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