Dr. Shaoxiong Xie

Eine Person mit schwarzer Jacke sitzt in einem schwarzen Stuhl an einem Schreibtisch auf dem ein Laptop und ein Bildschirm steht. Die Person trägt eine Brille und hält ein Buch in der Hand.
Dr. Shaoxiong Xie (Image: Dr. Lixu Xie)

Humboldt Research Fellow

My research areas

My research interests lie in the development of novel antiferroelectric materials for energy storage applications. I am also interested in the design and optimization of piezoelectric ceramics for sensing applications.

Home University / Research Institute

Kyushu University, Japan

Host research group

I am hosted by Prof. Dr. Kyle G. Webber, Head of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Eine Person mit weißem Hemd und schwarzer Jacke steht in einem Raum neben einer großen Maschine.
Dr. Shaoxiong Xie (Image: Dr. Lixu Xie)

Research period at the Faculty of Engineering, FAU

01.04.2024 – 30.09.2025

What is the focus of your research during your visit?

The focus of my research during my visit is to develop an entirely new class of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite antiferroelectric materials for energy storage applications by high throughput robot platform and machine learning methods. This would be a considerable advancement in science and impactful for solving the energy crisis.

I choose FAU because

FAU is one of the top public universities in Germany for engineering and has good reputation in national and international level. On top of that my Humboldt fellowship is hosted by Prof. Kyle Webber, Head of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, who is one of the world leaders in the field of piezoelectric/ferroelectric/antiferroelectric materials for numerous actuation, sensing, and energy applications, and his research group is well-equipped with adequate facilities that are needed for the implement of my Humboldt project. I believe during my stay at FAU, my host and his research team can provide constructive guidance for my research work, expand my scientific research knowledge, and benefit to the future development of my academic profile.

Further information

Prof. Dr. Kyle Grant Webber
Institute of Glas and Ceramics