Professor Bikramjit Basu

Humboldt Research Fellowship

Prof. Dr. Bikramjit Basu
Prof. Dr. Bikramjit Basu

My research areas:

My research interests in the domain of Biomaterials Science and Bioengineering includes a) Implants: dental restoration/craniomaxillofacial, musculoskeletal, urological reconstruction; b) Additive manufacturing of implantable biomaterials, c) Cell-material interaction and science of Biocompatibility, d) Regenerative Bioelectronics.

My research focus in the field of  Computational analysis in Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences includes a) Biomechanical Simulation of Orthopedic and Dental Implants, b) Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, c) Computational Modelling in Bioelectronic Medicine, d) Machine Learning based Prediction of Implant Performance and 3D Printing Processes.

Home University / Research Institute:

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Host research group:

I am hosted by Prof. Aldo R Boccaccini, Institute of Biomaterials, FAU

Research period at the Faculty of Engineering, FAU:

September 19, 2022- March 31, 2023

What is the focus of your research during your visit:

During my stay at FAU as Humboldt research fellow, I would like to pursue research with Prof. Aldo Boccaccini’s group in the area of bioactive glasses, in particular refernce to innovate bioprinting strategies to develop organic-inorganic hybrid scaffolds based on silica-calcia based bioglass nanospheres in gelatin-methacrylate gels for craniomaxillofacial applications as well as to establish structure-property correlation of hybrid scaffolds. The outcome of this planned research program will lead to future collaborations between German research groups and Prof. Basu in the emerging field of Bioprinting of organic-inorganic hybrid composites.

I choose FAU because:

FAU is one of the leading universities in Germany. Prof. Aldo Boccaccini’s group is globally considered as one of the most important research group in the field of biomaterials worldwide. I visited Prof. Boccaccini’s group a few years ago and delivered a seminar. I was very much impressed with the overall experimental facilities and research expertise of Prof. Aldo Boccaccini’s group. In addition, we have complimentary research expertise in the overall domain of Biomaterials. In view of this, I decided to visit FAU as Humboldt research fellow.

Further information

Prof. Dr. Aldo R. Boccaccini
Institute of Biomaterials