Hyperion Courses in 2024

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In 2024, Hyperion will present a menu of short courses (45 minutes).

You can select the training that is most relevant to your researchers and research support staff.

One short course might satisfy your requirement, or you might like to book a programme of courses.


These short courses will be presented by Seán and Sylvia McCarthy as in-house courses..

In-house courses are booked by a university or research centre for their researchers.

The courses can be presented “live” online (using Zoom) or as on-site courses.

Fees can be found on Costs of Courses (hyperion.ie)


Please click on the links below to see a brief outline of each course and other details.

If you have any questions or would like to book some training, please email me at mary.mccarthy@hyperion.ie



COURSES for 2024 Duration of Courses
Courses for Newcomers to Horizon Europe
       Identifying Opportunities in Horizon Europe 90 minutes
(2 * 45-minute sessions)
       Strategic Networking at a European Level 45 minutes
Courses for Pillar II (Horizon Europe)
       How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Pillar II 90 minutes
(2 * 45-minute sessions)
       Proposal Intelligence for Pillar II Proposals 45 minutes
       How to Write the Impact on EU Policies 45 minutes
Course on Framework 10
       Getting Ready for Framework 10 45 minutes


Reports Prepared by Hyperion

Proposal Intelligence Reports for Pillar II Topics

These reports are prepared for Coordinators of Pillar II Proposals.

The reports identify the background policies to the Pillar II Topic, the expert groups consulted and previous projects funded.

To order a Proposal Intelligence Report please email mary.mccarthy@hyperion.ie 


OPEN Courses

All of the above short courses will also be presented as “Open” courses during 2024.

Individuals can book and attend the “Open” courses.

The list of dates for “Open” courses will be advertised in the next week or so.