Visiting Professor: Welcome to Professor Dr. Luis Eudave

Prof. Luis Eudave
Prof. Luis Eudave

Professor Dr. Luis Eudave is an Assistant Professor in Psychology and Education at University of Navarra (Spain). He received his PhD in Neuroscience and studied age-related differences in visual perception and cognition and their role in driving virtual cars using fMRI. His published research work and interests involve virtual reality and its applications in psychological research, cognitive evaluation in healthy subjects and with neurodegenerative disorders, as well as in large-scale, reproducible psychology experiments. He is an Assistant Professor for the subjects Attention and Perception, Research Fundamentals and Neuropsychology.

He is currently visiting Prof. Dr. Daniel Roth, Assistant Professor for Human-Centered Computing and Extended Reality (HEX Lab), Department AIBE.

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Roth, HEX Lab